The joys of WordPress – Not

I think I’ll probably stay with this, but it’s absurd.  WordPress can’t handle HTML.  In either of the two editors I’ve tried.  I create what looks like a normal page in the editor, and when I review it, it doesn’t look like that at all.  And I’m sorry – there is NO, zero, zip support for this product – there are forums, but nobody ever posts in them except desperate users looking for help.

Example:  a few weeks ago, I set up a couple of posts to display small photo galleries using NextGEN.  I came back to the site today and the photos were gone.  Why were they gone?  Because something (not I, and nobody else has access) removed the newline character between the text and the line of code that displays the photos.  I moved it to a new line again and the photos are back.  Mystifying and stupid.

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