The Joys of Retirement

For once I’m not talking about my retirement; after four years I’ve got a routine established, weird as it may look to anyone else.  No, this is about my husband.  He retired a week ago yesterday, and turned off the alarm clock for the last time.  Working 45 miles away at a job that began at 8 AM, he used to get up at 5:50 AM and leave the house a little after seven.

This morning he commented that his new schedule had a downside.  When he was working, he used to go out and cruise the garden after breakfast for a few minutes, looking for snails and slugs to remove.  After an early incident when he accidentally sprayed the rosebushes with RoundUp, he reduced chemicals in the garden to a very small minimum, and his manual snail control methods kept things pretty well under control with only minor amounts of snail bait.

Well, that was when breakfast was at 6:30.  When “after breakfast” is after 8 AM, there aren’t any snails visible.  They’ve had dinner and gone back to their holes.  As far as I know he’s still mulling this over.  If the alarm starts going off at 6 AM again, I’ll know why.

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4 Responses to The Joys of Retirement

  1. Harold says:

    Time to break out a few partially-full cans of cheap beer!

  2. hedera says:

    Not for him – he’s a recovering alcoholic! I realize it was a kindly meant thought…

  3. hedera says:

    Oh, wait a minute – I posted that last comment and then realized you meant for the snails! But since we don’t keep it in the house, we’ll have to find another solution…

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