New Header and Other Things

I got tired of WordPress’ ice forest.  I hope you like the new header photo, I took it this summer.  It’s sunset over the Georgia Strait, viewed from our B&B just outside of Lund, B.C.

We had an episode of flying termites, today, I think.  I looked out the back door and the whole yard was full of tiny flying objects which moved too fast for me to get a really good look at them (and definitely too small and fast to photograph).  But I could clearly see, on each of them, a pair of translucent wings of the same length.  I thought they were flying ants, but Google informed me that the equal-length wings means flying termites.  I began to freak out until my husband reminded me that we always have termites – they live in the woodpile.  They’ve never been in the house that we know of (yes, we do inspect from time to time).  So – the termite queens hatched today and flew off.  The whole incident didn’t last 10 minutes, but for that long, they filled the yard, flittering around in the sunlight.

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