I saw something amazing this morning on the way back from the gym.  The trip back is normally a straight freeway ride, but the Highway Patrol was running a “break,” so I got off the freeway at an exit that would let me get home on the streets.  This particular exit has a very long ramp, and as I came down it, I saw a large bird in the right shoulder, which I identified as a turkey.  As I pulled abreast of the bird, I realized it was a female turkey, and all those little things running around her feet were baby turkeys!  You can’t get out the smartphone and aim the camera while driving the car at 25 mph or so (at least, I’m not about to try it!), so I have no photos.  But there must have been two dozen turkey chicks (maybe more) running around on that shoulder!  I hope they all got into the brush all right.

I think the technical term for baby turkeys is “poults,” but I like “turkeylets” better.

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