Fall in Las Vegas

I've been spending the weekend with my sister in Las Vegas, keeping her company while her husband (as usual) is at the Reno Air Races.  At least this year nobody up there died.

One of the things I do while I'm here, since getting out of bed is hard for her and takes a long time, is get up around 6 AM or so, let the two dogs out into the fenced yard, and go back to bed.  We let them back in and feed them when we get up a couple hours later.

Yesterday morning around 6 AM, I did something stupid.  I got up, went out into the hall without turning on a light, and turned left toward Sue's room – and tripped over Duke, the Doberman, who was sleeping outside my room.  (Duke likes me.)  I would have seen him if I'd turned on a light. I did a faceplant – I landed on my right eyebrow.  And my left knee. 

This was stupid.  It also began a 3 week period in which I'm more likely than usual to fall again, and in which I have to take an airplane flight, and move house.  (Details about that last in another post.)

The good news is that I got ice on both bruises within 10 minutes of the fall; my sister has a freezer full of icepacks.  I iced them 4 times yesterday and a couple of times today, and nothing except my forehead is even especially tender to touch.  But there's no denying it:  I have a really spectacular shiner.  I look like a raccoon.  And my knee looks about the way you'd expect.

No, I do not plan to post a photo.

It shook me badly.  I've fallen a couple of times, but I've never hit my head before, and it scared me.  I was shaky all day, and Sue was shaky all day, she was really upset that I fell.  We're both slowly getting over this, but it wasn't how we thought the weekend would go. 

Duke has been extremely apologetic; he regularly comes up and leans against me, and puts his head between my knees if I'm sitting.  Poor dog, it wasn't his fault.

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3 Responses to Fall in Las Vegas

  1. Ike Renfield says:

    Poor you & poor Duke! Dobes have so much black that they're pretty invisible in the dark. We used to joke that, when we walked our Dobe at night , the best way to spot her was to look for a slightly darker spot in the overall dark.

  2. Ruth says:

    So sorry to read about your fall and hope you are already feeling a lot better.  If you're still coming tomorrow, I'm prepared for that shiner!

  3. hedera says:

    Ike, yes, Duke was horrified.  He's such a sweet dog.

    Ruth, I do plan to be there but be warned, it's even worse than it was last night!  I have also just been informed by Southwest that my 5:05PM flight will now leave at 6:45PM.  If I'm lucky.

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