A Storm Called Karen

It’s very odd to have a storm named after me (well, using my name).  In my whole adult life I can’t remember another tropical storm named “Karen.”  It’s a pretty wimpy storm. I don’t think it ever reached “hurricane” status – but it’s hard to tell, because the NOAA sites, the usual authoritative source of information on hurricanes in progress, are closed because of the U.S. government shutdown.  (For my thoughts on that mess, see Boehner’s Impossible Dream, at my blog Hedera’s Corner.)

But I see a map at


apparently maintained through Twitter (Twitter??), which suggests that “Tropical Depression Karen dissipated at 10 AM CDT October 6.”  I’m sure everyone on the Gulf Coast was relieved; I don’t really want to be the godmother of 2013’s equivalent of Katrina or Sandy.

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