The Bridge in the Truck

One of the things I like about the Bay Area is its unpredictability.  You never quite know what you’ll run into.  Today we ran an errand in Emeryville and parked in the lot across from Home Depot.  I got out of the car and found myself staring straight at this, in the next parking space:

Bridge in truck

Yes, that is a model of a suspension bridge – looks like the Golden Gate bridge to me – made of barbed wire and scrap metal, sitting in the bed of someone’s pickup.

My first shot was a little off center, although it clearly does show the cross-braces on the suspension towers (which is why I think it’s the Golden Gate).  I backed off and took a better centered shot:

Bridge in truck

It’s a good thing I took those pictures right away, because when we got back to the car, the pickup had been replaced by a minivan with no interesting features at all.  I don’t know if the bridge belongs to an artist, or just a metalworker who likes bridges.  Given that we were less than a mile from The Crucible, I sort of suspect this may be connected with that institution.  Just maybe.  But – who knows?

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