Critter Photos

Every once in a while I score a really good wildlife photo, usually but not exclusively birds. I’ll post the best of them here for general consumption.   Click on a photo to see full size.

My husband Jim actually took these two, with his new digital camera:

Turkeys blocking traffic

Why are these turkeys crossing Bollinger Canyon Road?

Turkeys blocking traffic

To slow down the SUV …

Now, these hummingbirds I took with my new 300MM lens.  They do love the Mexican sage in the front yard.

Hummingbird on the Mexican sageHummingbird on the Mexican sage

These 2 shots were  taken on the Merced River, Yosemite, Nov. 1999.  They show a small duck, a female common merganser, eating (and then, I assume, digesting) a 6-inch trout:

Duck eating trout:

Female Merganser eating a trout

Satisfied female duck

Female Merganser duck

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