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Christmas Day Walk

Yes, I know it’s May.  2016 has been an extremely weird year, and one of these days I’ll blog it.  But I recently got the photos sorted, processed and uploaded from the walk I took around Lake Temescal, in the … Continue reading

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Lunch in the Yard

On a beautiful day like this – sunny, light breeze, 82° – I often have lunch in the back yard, surrounded by plants and, occasionally, critters.  As I was eating today’s lunch, I heard a noise and turned to see … Continue reading

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Ducks on the Lake

I don’t have pictures, because when I walked over to the library to return some books, I didn’t think to take the camera – or the binoculars, and that was a mistake too.  I walked back along Lake Merritt (the … Continue reading

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Monday the 17th was the first full day of the cruise and the first shore excursion.  We docked around 8 AM, and right after breakfast we went ashore at Kinderdijk, a small village of 19 traditional Dutch windmills, dating from … Continue reading

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Oakland Shoreline Afternoon

The other weekend, a friend of mine had a birthday party at Martin Luther King Shoreline Park.  It was a nice party, but it wasn't my party, so I didn't take any photos of it.  I did take photos of … Continue reading

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I saw something amazing this morning on the way back from the gym.  The trip back is normally a straight freeway ride, but the Highway Patrol was running a “break,” so I got off the freeway at an exit that … Continue reading

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Birds in the Tree

I didn’t get any photos because I was indoors riding the exercise bike.  I noticed a commotion in the Chinese hackberry tree that inhabits the parking strip – since the exercise bike is on the second floor, I was looking … Continue reading

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Action in the Back Yard

This all happened too fast for me to get any photos, I’m sorry to say, but it was hilarious.  We have thought for some time that we have a nesting pair of scrub jays in our neighbor’s tree right by … Continue reading

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California Quail

The Golden Gate Gardener column in today’s San Francisco Chronicle is all about planting your yard to attract California quail, and to illustrate the joys of quail, they have a lovely photo of a male quail in full display.  Check … Continue reading

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Turkeys in the Yard

It must be the season for birds.  We live in a small canyon in the Oakland hills, the upper part of which is still pretty wild.  We’ve known for awhile that we had a flock of wild turkeys living up … Continue reading

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