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Does anyone enjoy high school?  I didn’t have an especially good time in high school.  For that matter, I don’t recall enjoying school much at all, although I took pleasure in getting good grades.

I grew up in Napa, California in the 1950s.  My parents moved there from Vallejo when I was four.  I attended Lincoln Elementary School, Redwood Junior High (2 years), Silverado Junior High (2 years; change of districts, I assume), and Napa Senior High (2 years, class of ’63).  I recall mother saying Napa had the only 6-4-2 school system in the state, probably because at that time, Napa Senior High was the only high school in the county (at least, the south county), and it barely had space for 2 grades.  My graduating class (1963) had 700 students in it.  They have more high schools now.

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