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Turkeys in the Yard

It must be the season for birds.  We live in a small canyon in the Oakland hills, the upper part of which is still pretty wild.  We’ve known for awhile that we had a flock of wild turkeys living up the canyon – early morning walkers would find them foraging around the field behind the tennis club.

Last night after dinner my husband said, “We have turkeys in the back yard.”  And we did – three of them.  They foraged around for quite a while and then walked out and explored the block for awhile before wandering off up the hill.  I got some photos, click here to see a slideshow.

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New Photo Site

Just for the record, I’ve decided it’s easier to use a photo site than to stuff photos in here. I’ve got a site on Smugmug:


My photos from the last few vacations, plus some others, are all there.

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New Year’s Day 2009

January 1, 2009 was a really nice day, so I strolled up Chabot Canyon with my digital camera.  Here's what I took:

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Well, I finally went digital. I have a new Canon Digital Rebel Xsi, and I took it to the “Out and About on College” street fair, on September 28, 2008. Here are my photos.

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