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Damn you, Hewlett-Packard!

I haven’t done a tech rant in a while so I guess it’s time.

We have a several year old HP printer, a PhotoSmart C7280 all-in-one (print/fax/copy/scan).  The printer runs like a clock.  The HP software just died on me and as far as I can tell I can’t re-install it.  I use the HP Solution Center about once a month to scan documents for a project I work on.  Suddenly yesterday when I needed to scan some pages, it said (loosely translated) – I can’t run, I’m not completely installed.  Re-install me.

I’ll spare you the intermediate (endless) details. I’ve spent at least 3 hours on this, that I needed to spend on other things.  I have now downloaded the Win7 drivers for this printer from HP 3 times (311 MB), and every time I try to install them the install process tells me it’s missing a file, and it won’t tell me what file it’s missing.  HP’s automated system then generates a “solution” – which mainly comes down to checking that the network is hooked up, the printer is working and findable, etc.  I’ve done all that.  I even did the part where they tell you to turn off everything in the Startup menu and turn off your firewall!  (Do you know how fast Internet malwarebots can find a honeypot?  Fortunately there’s also a firewall on the router.)  Every time the installer runs it immediately says, “Missing file.” Whatever isn’t there is something it needs right away.

I’ve opened a question on the HP forum, but since both my printer and my PC are out of warranty I don’t expect much help.  I’ve concluded that their driver file is defective and they don’t know or don’t care or both.  Fortunately, the basic drivers are still there and I’ve been able to re-install the printer as a printer, but I can no longer scan to PDF, at least not with any control over the formatting.  The infuriating thing is that the software still runs perfectly on my husband’s nearly identical HP Pavilion – we bought them at the same time (but I’ve added different stuff).

This is sad.  Back in the day, H-P was the gold standard. If you had H-P equipment, you had The Best.  Now they can’t write working installer software.  Sic transit gloria mundi.

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Fall in Las Vegas

I've been spending the weekend with my sister in Las Vegas, keeping her company while her husband (as usual) is at the Reno Air Races.  At least this year nobody up there died.

One of the things I do while I'm here, since getting out of bed is hard for her and takes a long time, is get up around 6 AM or so, let the two dogs out into the fenced yard, and go back to bed.  We let them back in and feed them when we get up a couple hours later.

Yesterday morning around 6 AM, I did something stupid.  I got up, went out into the hall without turning on a light, and turned left toward Sue's room – and tripped over Duke, the Doberman, who was sleeping outside my room.  (Duke likes me.)  I would have seen him if I'd turned on a light. I did a faceplant – I landed on my right eyebrow.  And my left knee. 

This was stupid.  It also began a 3 week period in which I'm more likely than usual to fall again, and in which I have to take an airplane flight, and move house.  (Details about that last in another post.)

The good news is that I got ice on both bruises within 10 minutes of the fall; my sister has a freezer full of icepacks.  I iced them 4 times yesterday and a couple of times today, and nothing except my forehead is even especially tender to touch.  But there's no denying it:  I have a really spectacular shiner.  I look like a raccoon.  And my knee looks about the way you'd expect.

No, I do not plan to post a photo.

It shook me badly.  I've fallen a couple of times, but I've never hit my head before, and it scared me.  I was shaky all day, and Sue was shaky all day, she was really upset that I fell.  We're both slowly getting over this, but it wasn't how we thought the weekend would go. 

Duke has been extremely apologetic; he regularly comes up and leans against me, and puts his head between my knees if I'm sitting.  Poor dog, it wasn't his fault.

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