Mendocino, December 2003

Mendocino, December 2003 – at the Grindle

We like to stay at the Joshua Grindle Inn in Mendocino. One of the attractions at the Grindle is the resident cats. This is Sybil, who likes to hang out in the parlor with the guests.


Sybil and Jim

Sybil shared the sofa with Jim.

Sybil under the tree

Sybil also liked the Christmas tree; at least, she liked to hide under it.

Basil in the window

The lump on the shelf in the window is Basil, the other resident cat.

Rolling cat

Just one of the neighbors…

You’d think with all those cats around, the birds would be elsewhere, but they aren’t; maybe the cats are slower than we think.

2 sparrows in the tree

Sparrow in the tree

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